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Homeopathy (in bold), explained

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My sister has had her operation. You might remember she had to fill in a form ten days pre-op, on which, in BOLD, was written “If you take Homeopathy stop taking it NOW.” (or something similar)

The link is here.

So, pre-op, my sister challenged the anesthetist to explain the strange anti-homeopathy sentence.

Well, the anesthetist told her that they use the term “Homeopathy” because in the mind of the public, “Homeopathy” is a broad term that covers all home remedies, including herbal products.

Well, if you have any vaguest knowledge of “Homeopathy” you will know that Valerian, St John’s Wort or the many herbs we use, are NOT “Homeopathy”. And some of them CAN be a problem with anesthetics.

The National Health Service on Herbal Remedies.

The National Health Service on Homeopathy.

So you can see that Homeopathy is totally useless according to The National Health Service and so the word “Homeopathy” should not have appeared on their form!


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