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Only one month to go


I started this blog with a challenge to myself to post one post every day for a year. I only have one month to go.

My aim was to make each post as short as possible – a little seasoning for the mind rather than a profound point to ponder. I separated off the mystical stuff to Gentle Ignition.

I’ve had fun. I might just make 365 days of posts!

Havent a clue how many “followers” I have on each site, but there are some. I stopped checking followers when I found myself wanting them. I don’t promote – so I have the followers I feel grateful to for following me for whatever reason they do.

Thank you lovely people!


Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

7 thoughts on “Only one month to go

  1. Hard work, and don’t I know it. So well done. It has interested me.


    • Ah – how nice! Thanks


      • I do understand about “Followers” however. I did take a sneaky look at mine the other day, and I think I’ve got three, although even one would do. So thanks for your support.

        Bloggers are all Ego Maniacs with Hope. No one Blogs in the hope of being ignored, although I did do that for a while, albeit not for long.
        But in the end it’s about putting words on paper. The glory of The English Language, in my case.

        I have written loads of poetry in my time, but I never expose that anymore, since I was once accused as a very small girl of using the work of someone else as my own.

        As it happens, I don’t think it was meant unkindly. My Aunt just couldn’t see that I was capable. But it did put me off for ever of exposing my real forte.


        • Grownups don’t realise how they can affect kids by small comments. My self image was affected by “artificial” praise. Insincerity is a kids self image killer. Thanks for you interest AND comments -and write more please!


          • Well now, I never got any praise. Apparently for fear that it might have given me an over inflated opinion of myself. No chance of that.
            So I was never short of praise for my children when it was earned, and which I always knew.
            So I can’t be doing with downgrading children.

            My Aunt didn’t do this to me deliberately. She just believed that a twelve year old couldn’t write poetry. In fact she paid me an enormous compliment. And even I could see that. I just wasn’t having it happen again.
            Words are precious, and especially Poetry. You expose yourself you see, because it is truly of your mind. No one ever writes rubbish in poetry form.
            Although they might when Blogging.

            I didn’t realise that you were on a mission, although it now explains certain things.

            I haven’t read your Mystical Blog. Probably because I am not a mystical person. Celt to the core, and ever practical.
            I understand Moon Planting because it is logical, just as I understand The Tides.

            I might have some ancient Gods, but even they were practical. Someone had to keep the savage hoards under some sort of control before they killed off each other. And someone had to put food in the mouths of The Shamans who kept the whole thing altogether.

            Sorry. That Full Moon is giving me a hard time yet again.


            • Is it full moon? Maybe that’s why I couldn’t sleep again last night. I went through a spiritual experience which transformed my life in the 1990’s. I wrote many words, which I might as well share before I snuff it. I am not a religious person – belong to none. I follow no traditional spiritual path. bit of this – a bit of that. There is wisdom everywhere. Hit amd miss really.:-D


              • Ah, well. That’s the thing. You only know that things are a bit at odds. It’s only later that you realise it was The Moon that done that. But I doubt that this is mystical.

                The Moon is there. It always has been. It affects The Tides. Nothing mystical about that.
                It seriously depresses me for about four days. I have even thought about killing myself once or twice. But it passes, and it always will. I just pull the duvet over my head, and sleep too much. This is just ordinary to me these days.

                I don’t think that I am spiritual person either. But I never want to discard how other people might feel. Or how desperate they might be.

                If my four days of depression is anything to go by then God help them. It is a black hole from which I could not climb unless I knew that it would pass.

                On a slightly lighter note, my horrible fat Pug has a problem with Claws. They are getting much too long, although it has taken much to long for me to realise. They need clipping. But I can’t do it. I can’t hold her still for two bloody minutes, let alone long enough to clip her nails.
                And I still remember The Vet who clipped the claws of my Pekinese and left her bleeding and in serious distress.

                Charlotte, God forbid for that name, is now drinking far too much water. Blind as a bat and certainly demented. I didn’t deserve this, God. I thought that she and me would have a good time together. Remind me never to rescue another dog. I always did know that this Rescue lark was never a good idea.

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