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The very best doll in the world

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The very best doll in the world was the one my Grandmother made for me when I was about five, when we were poor.

It was a mielie (corn) cob doll with a mango pip head. And a face drawn on the shaved  side of the very fibrous mangoes we got in those days. Today’s genetically engineered fiber-less mangoes would be useless. Sixty five years ago, mangoes, scrubbed and combed produced wondrously long blonde “hair”, perfect for styling!

When I was five, my doll, dressed in floral cotton by my Nanna, sporting a mango head attached carefully by my Grandpa with nails, that had long blonde tresses, was, for me, the most wondrous thing in the world.

Antique Corn Cob doll from America



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