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How to catch bats

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I don’t know why I remembered this – but when I was a kid, we used to catch bats.

I grew up in a sub tropical country. My Aunt’s garden was surrounded by Banana plants. Early in the morning us kids used to hunt bats. We did this by grabbing the very top of the inner centralĀ  roll of Banana leaves, and easing it out of the sheath it grew from. We would gently hold our banana pipes until we got back to the house. There we would decant the contents onto the lawn.

Sometimes we’d be lucky and a little brown furry creature would scurry about confusedly in the bright sunlight on the grass. At this point, we could pick it up where it would dangle on a finger.

We weren’t deliberately cruel. But the bats couldn’t have enjoyed it. When we had finished delighting in the cuteness of a winged mouse, we would dangle it safely on a branch in the bushes to wait for the dark.

The technique in action…

The result…

The link



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