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Buy nothing

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There used to be “buy nothing” days when I was young. Shops closed on Saturday at lunchtime and re-opened on Monday morning. On those days, we could not buy.  We did not suffer too badly. We made sure there was enough food and booze for the weekend. The weekend meant the week end. Most people did not work at the week end.

There are many days when Mr Furlong and I buy nothing. Sometimes not buying something can give a bigger thrill than buying something. The pleasure comes from feeling lean, clean and mean.

Not buying is remarkably uplifting – everyone should try it.



Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

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