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Black Squirrels in Bedfordshire


We have been away with the Furlong dog on an expedition to the South. The senior Furlongs, rarely go anywhere. We were in Bedfordshire helping Mr Furlong’s sister who has just had a hip replacement.

Naturally Furlong dog needed his afternoon walk. The three of us went out together as we usually do.

Sauntering along, I suddenly became aware of the undulations of a strange black beast across the field next to us. “What’s that?” I called to Mr F.

A ferret? No
A rabbit? No
A cat? No

The animal looked very familiar to my eye, but my brain was unable to accept its colour. It seemed to be a jet black squirrel!

And so it was. It scrambled up a tree right next to us. Fortunately the Furlong dog was exploring a bank of autumn leaves under the tree and was unaware of better prey above his head.

Black Squirrels were first recorded in the UK in 1912 – in Bedfordshire. There is a lot of panic that they might wipe the grey squirrels out just like they, in turn, have pushed the red squirrels up our way. I can assure you, the black squirrels of Bedfordshire are really cute!
Black Squirrel black squirrel


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3 thoughts on “Black Squirrels in Bedfordshire

  1. They really are. …

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