The Last Furlong

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Mystical story – Lovelight

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The youngest Lord of Creation sat with his head cradled on his arm and doodled at the table around which all the other Lords of Creation were having a meeting.

He was REALLY tired of all the discussion. Nobody noticed him sitting to one side of the big table because he was the youngest of all and also because he had slumped down so much, he was not very visible. No-one had asked him to offer any of his own ideas on the topic under discussion and it looked as if no-one would.

The topic under discussion was the creation of a new Realm.

To every suggestion from the other Lords of Creation, the youngest Lord felt himself becoming more and more dejected. “Naaa,” he thought over and over again “BORING!” or ” Been done eons ago – old hat!” or ” Shoot! Can’t these guys come up with something new?”

And seeing he was unnoticed, unnecessary and unimportant, he drifted into thinking through a plan he had been working on for quite some time – a plan of his own. He had made a partial working model, on a small scale, with some stray thought forms he had lying around and he had it on his royal lap under the table. He started adjusting things here and there.

First of all, an innovation that some of the older Lords had not thought of, was to build the system of the new Realm on a spectrum of much brighter colour than was normal in these matters. The model on the young Lord’s lap glowed irridescently in all the deepest colours imaginable – and he was working on more. He wanted the thing to look like a psychedelic kaleidoscope – something truly “way out.”

Each dimension of his Realm, was held in place by the frequency on which it resonated.

To move from one dimension to the other simply meant alterations in the waveband of light. “Cool, man!” thought the young Lord, pleased with his concept.

Another innovation he had thought up with equal glee was that of the integrated entity. All the parts on his model were separately perfect. Each part also was held in place through a colour system of its own – and each part was constructed of infinitesimal smaller parts – all mini spectra of light. But the most delightful thing was, that, by moving any aspect down to the most microcosmic atomic particle, it set in motion a ripple effect through the whole model that was truly fascinating to watch.

The young Lord almost slid under the table he was so engrossed with what he was doing.

He been toying around with a really outrageous concept of which he knew the old Lords would not approve. Here was his model, constructed entirely of light sparkling precariously on his knees. But he wanted to see what it would look like if he added a feature which he would call darkness. So he pulled a few more thought forms out of his pocket, and fashioned darkness.

“Wooeee!” he yelled in delight “Great, man!” But the Lord on his left, scowled at him so belligerently that he dropped his head even further under the table.

The effect of the darkness was instantly stunning. The light became much clearer and brighter. Visually it was very impressive. The young Lord sniggered with pride.

Suddenly a new idea flashed into his active mind. “I know. Just as I have programmed this model to work on a system of light, I will program it to work on a dual system of light and darkness.” He fiddled around, squirming on his seat and gaining another “look” from the Lord on his left. After trying a bit of this and a bit of that, he set the model to function on 50% of each aspect – right down to its most infinitesimal part. He had an idea that something wouldn’t work somewhere along the line – but, for now, it would do.

“Now what will it be like to travel through this system ?’ the young Lord wondered. He pulled a little subtle thought form out of the very bottom of his pocket and made a human conscious being and placed it into the conscious system on which he was working. But the newest conscious being simply glittered in its psychedelic rainbow colours, static, along with all the other static pinpricks of light.

The youngest Lord of Creation mused long and hard over his model. What was it that was missing? He began to get the uneasy feeling that, after all, it wasn’t much better than all the old stuff the other guys were coming up with round the table.

The young Lord poked the model causing it to have motion. The ripple effect in terms of graciousness of movement was hypnotic. For quite some time the Lord simply played with his model. Yet it needed some sort of life force of its own.

“Gee, man!” The Lord ran his fingers through his curly hair, “This isn’t so easy!”

“Sh!” said the Lord on the left.

Suddenly it struck him – the answer- how to make the model move by itself. Choice! that was it. Choice! If each aspect had choice to decide what it was going to do, its own free will, so to speak, then all the parts – right down to the most infinitesimal one would begin to move. His model would seethe with energy and beauty. So he took a huge breath in, until his lungs were full, and blew gently and steadily into his model, the breath of freedom of choice – life.

“Ouch!” cried the young Lord, expelling all his creative force, as a blow on the back from the Lord on the left, brought his attention to the goings on round the table.

All the Lords of Creation were looking at HIM. And furthermore, they were doing it in an unspeakable silence that reached into all the realms ever created.

“Well?” repeated the Chief Lord of Creation. “What are you doing under the table?”

The young Lord was appalled to find all eyes on him and his adolescence felt very large and noticeable. He blushed.

Very shamefacedly, he brought his model out and placed it on the table. It was truly something quite new and different and the lords of Creation looked on it – remember they were experts – in hushed awe. One could feel they were assessing the merits and demerits of the model in the light of their own experiences.

Just when the youngest Lord thought he would faint with nerves, the Chief Lord cleared his throat.

“Well, this is a most admirable model. I congratulate you! It is a bit, ah, bright, and ah, rather too modern in style for my liking, but…ah, shows a lot of thought.”

The young Lord grinned from ear to ear ” COOL MAN!” and slapped the palm of his hand on the table. The Lord on the left sighed deeply.

“One thing though,” the Chief Lord called the young Lord’s attention, “How are you going to ensure that this system doesn’t break down?”

“What do you mean, sir?” asked the young Lord.

“Well, we notice that you have put in a feature of light and darkness – something we never do in case the system collapses into darkness. How are you going to stop that?’

The young Lord could almost hear his thought processes, the silence was so deep. He stared at his model. His mind blank. And then, from his heart, the most amazing feeling filled him. A feeling of deep love for his system and especially an awe at the beauty of the colours and thrilling luminescence of the light.

“I know!’ he said throwing his head back with resolve. “I will imbue a safety factor into this system. I will call this factor LOVE. I will make love reside in the light. All my creation will long for the light of love and that way, sir, I can guarantee you that this system will NEVER collapse into darkness!”

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