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The Furlong wasps eat meat


I have been trying to find information about wasps eating meat. They do at the Furlong house!

It seems adult wasps don’t actually eat the meat themselves, but take it back to the hive to feed their larvae on.

Last night, I watered the tall clay chimney pot that has stood in our garden for many years. It has perennial peas cascading out of it, and they looked really dry. This year, they have not looked good. So I stuck the end of the hosepipe down the chimney and within seconds had to run like hell, retreating to the kitchen, behind the slammed door. A gang of annoyed wasps told me to push off loudly and clearly and with definite malice. They swarmed out of the hole ferociously. So I got gone – fast.

I am pleased we have found the nest. Wasps have been a damn nuisance this summer. I read that before the winter, they make new queens that fly off to overwinter in safe places elsewhere.  Mmm – last winter in the UK was very mild. If that happens again, the wasp hive in the garden chimney are going to be even more of a pest next summer.

Here our wasps are eating meat. Maybe to feed the new queen larvae? Apologies for bad photo.



Author: thelastfurlong

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4 thoughts on “The Furlong wasps eat meat

  1. Yes, this is the time for the Virgin Queens to move out. Shut windows and doors before turning on any lights. But the old nests always die come Winter, and are then abandoned. Very few of these Queens actually survive until next year.
    Wasp stings diminish at this time of year. I know because I have stood on a few in my time. But never had any trouble with them generally.

    I am a Wasp lover. If you are lucky enough to have a nest in your garden, they are fascinating to watch all Summer. And such very useful creatures.


    • Lovely comment – thank you. I knew more about bees – it is a fact that there is nothing – nothing in my garden over winter. Not a flower, not any nectar of any sort, so there is no food for these little creatures. We walk right next to the hive every day, and have been for months. They take no notice of us. But every time we had visitors sitting outside in the garden, the wasps pestered them. We don’t use poison so in desperation one day I spayed the offending wasps with window cleaner! They kept away a bit that day. I have read of wasps ignoring family but getting curious with strangers. I think that is AMAZING and found it to be true here this summer.


      • They know who likes them. And if they get a bit bothersome, tell them quietly to go away. Never flap your hands and shout at them. You could try putting out some sugar for them, but just because you like them.
        It’s worth a Google because there is so much to know.

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        • Mr Furlong kept saying “Sit still, be quiet, they will go away” But the natural response in people is EXACTLY what you describe. Mr Furlong kept African bees in Africa – he knows stuffabout keeping still! Ha ha


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