The Last Furlong

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Fourists and cassils

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The Furlong granddaughter is taking on accents from playschool and her favourite TV show, Sophia the First.

We just came back from a walk in  what she called the fourist where it was daaruk. The Furlong dog was a pain because he kept on laying claim to the ball we threw and had to be chased through the trees. That is not allowed in our game. So it was terminated. The wind howled and moaned in the branches and it was cold and miserable.

But the Furlong granddaughter seemed excited by it all. She especially likes cassils.  Sophia the First lives in one. So we are planning an outing to a special little cassil that is near where we live. It is one of my favourite.

I know when the Furlong granddaughter sees it she’s going to say “WOW!”

And her eyes will sparkle along with our hearts.

Pendragon Castle




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