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Live long, die slowly

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The nuclear family seems to have made an old age problem. Living a small self centered life without inclusion of the “old people” has really trashed “community”. Maybe we have to make a new and different idea of community that can orbit  old folks around the  nuclear life styles of their children, taking old people through to the end of their lives in some kind of meaningful way.

Mr Furlong and I are currently entering the orbiting phase. What we are now, is not what we were in our fullness. We will become more and more disappointing to our children. Until they become our parents and we become their children. We are dying already – slowly – incrementally.

I don’t like it. Other than our children, we have no meaningful community.

Oh hell.

The solution does not come to me. I can’t see how our orbiting can remain inspiring  rather than becoming a dreaded event for our children and their children – and maybe their children’s children.


Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

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