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Wood Mice in our garden


We have the most entertaining new creatures in our garden. They – there are two of them – seem to come out in the day as well as the night. We call them Hunca and Munca, though they are not really the type of mouse Beatrix Potter illustrated in her books. And I am not totally (but almost) sure they are Wood Mice. What I do know, is that they must be one of the sharpest and fastest living creatures on earth! And hell-of-a-cute. In fact, delightful in every way

Mr Furlong has been promoted to official Mouse Watcher – or officer of the watch!

Mouse (Wood)


The Wood Mouse is a small mammal that can be found throughout England mainly in woodlands, but it can also be found in scrubland, hedgerows and gardens. In winter it visits garden sheds, greenhouses and lofts to escape the cold weather outside.

The Wood Mouse has a body length of around ten centimetres and has a yellow-brown coat of fur on top and cream-white fur below. It has a long, smooth reddish-brown tail which is also about ten centimetres long. It has a dark band running down the middle of its back and face. Its face is long and pointed with a pink snout and long whiskers. It has large round ears and big black eyes.

Wood Mice build underground burrows which consist of chambers with nests. The nests are used to raise their young, store food and to sleep in. Wood Mice mainly go foraging for food on the ground at night, but they are excellent climbers and will also forage for food high up in trees. Wood Mice are generally solitary creatures, but sometimes they can be found nesting together in underground burrows or in indoor spaces.




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