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The Space Station – how to see it yourself

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The other night at eleven o’clock, – well actually eleven and some minutes –  the International Space Station went over our house. Nasa’s Spotthestation notifies us when exactly this will happen. You can sign up for email notifications too – just go through on my link.  So we are always out at our gate where we have a fine view of it as it arrives exactly on time, and moves across our sky.

This time. Mr Furlong notified his friends here on our street. It was very chummy with other people out in their jim jams or fancy evening clothes having just arrived home, out on the road, as excited as we always are.

There is something awesome watching such a bright light which you know is so far away from earth, that contains real people, doing a lonely and dangerous  job, so reliably arrive as you are expecting them to. We always cheer – its like greeting an old friend. Do they know that at every moment of their journey, some person is being awed by the grandeur of it? And cheering for them?

Roughly remembered, the International Space Station is traveling 220 miles above the earth, at 17000 miles an hour and orbits the earth in 93 minutes. It is very bright and unmistakeable and it travels through our sky in about 6 minutes. It is so bright, that even my humble little mobile phone saw it.

Isn’t that awesome?

More facts about The International Space Station


The International Space Station



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