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How to spend tax payers money irresponsibly

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This is an eye opener whether you are a smoker or not.

The fact is that the hugely expensive anti tobacco/anti smoking world-wide movement has been a dismal failure. It has caused a great deal of emotional suffering and isolation to a marginalised group of people who get pleasure out of smoking.

We are told smokers cost money, yet they pay in taxes, in the United Kingdom, for any treatment they might need for their future smoking related illnesses. In fact they prop up the National Health Service by billions annually. If smokers die younger, they SAVE the state money.  World wide, I can’t imagine what the cost has been to stop people smoking. In the United Kingdom, since the smoking bans, the rate of smokers has hardly changed.

Tobacco Control should be dismantled. It’s a failure.  It’s a self replicating industry – an Empire of prohibition. It’s dishonest. It twists science to suit itself. It causes misery. It discriminates. It promotes its dogma through propaganda and brainwashing. It lies. It hooks its ideology onto the backs of children. It has no moral principles. It’s disgusting.

This is  a graph from the situation in Scotland. It demonstrates the most irresponsible use of money, thrown away on something that people don’t want.


cost of anti smoking

The cost of anti smoking action


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