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Dog fur mystery

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The Furlongs have an Animal Cruelty dog. He looks like a standard Yorkshire Terrier and he’s awfully cute. He must be about seven or eight years old now – but nobody really knows. It’s just a guess.

He’s a silver back Yorkie.  Or he was.

Yorkies have soft silky hair that sort of floats in the breeze. This is what he looked like when we got him some years ago.



But something has changed. He has a new, rough haired area growing on his back. This recent grooming makes it really clear.  So this is a mystery. The colour and texture looks like a Border Terrier. So our Yorkie is showing signs of his true inheritance – or – he is lacking something in his diet. He is a Paleo dog, eating only raw meat and vegetables.

If you have any ideas – do comment.

Here is the patch of fur developing on his back.

new fur

New fur


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