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The art of Richard Feynman – scientific genius

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I have always been a fan of the very, very likeable Richard Feynman. He was a drummer as well as an artist – and most importantly, he was a scientific genius.  His daughter, collected his art together in a volume you can buy on Amazon for £400 plus, the books are now so rare. I’m not buying one. Mr Furlong and I are pensioners – with not a lot of excess cash!

But here are some details about Feynman’s Art from a new article on his work – and there are lovely examples of it on this The Art of Ofey post below  –

The Art of Ofey


Just like Sylvia Plath and Queen Victoria, Nobel-winning physicist Richard Feynmanchampion of scientific culture, graphic novel hero, crusader for integrity, holder of the key to science, adviser of future generations, bongo player — was a surprisingly gifted semi-secret artist. He started drawing at the age of 44 in 1962, shortly after developing the visual language for his famous Feynman diagrams, after a series of amicable arguments about art vs. science with his artist-friend Jirayr “Jerry” Zorthian — the same friend to whom Feynman’s timeless ode to a flower was in response. Eventually, the two agreed that they’d exchange lessons in art and science on alternate Sundays. Feynman went on to draw — everything from portraits of other prominent physicists and his children to sketches of strippers and very, very many female nudes — until the end of his life. End quote


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