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Wind Farms

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Wind Farms haunt us up here in Last Furlong Land. We have them in every direction – but not too close, thankfully! We are in the country. That’s a good excuse to put wind farms near us. In the country it’s OK. Our coast here has a new horizon – wind farms. We are sick of bloody wind farms.

Wind farms are not all that “Green” – They are causing problems.

Quote -“The problems with animal reproduction reported in the wind farms in Wisconsin are lack of egg production, problems calving, spontaneous abortion (embryonic mortality), stillbirth, miscarriage and teratogenic effects:

In chickens: Crossed beaks, missing eyeballs, deformities of the skull (sunken eyes), joints of feet/legs bent at odd angles. In cattle: missing eyes and tails.”

While these effects seem to occur in the immediate vicinity of a wind turbine they are hugely important to humans. It has long been reported that those living near wind farms suffer from ill health.  Sleep deprivation, headaches, tinnitus, balance problems, motivational difficulties and depression are just some of the alleged effects. End quote

Quote – Certainly in the UK there is increasing resistance from the population, being the proverbial blot on the landscape. End quote

I say – “You bet!”


Windmills California


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