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Halal and the masses

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Mr Furlong and I eat meat. We have lived in Africa where some of the meat was  slaughtered in very questionable ways. Some of the meat was questionable too. I remember a meal where the chicken drumsticks served in our curry looked as if they were from Archaeopteryx



When we first came to the UK many years ago, I was relieved we had lived in Africa far away from Mad Cow Disease. I confidently re-assured the Furlong offspring that none of US had eaten any infected meat. But then I discovered that the UK sent the overload of unsaleable beef in those years to Africa where it was used in sausages. We loved sausages.

Abattoirs halal or not, are sinister places. The masses might not eat any meat if they actually knew how it was killed. The Halal horror is a measure of our ignorance of the reality of death in the killing machines of our food supply.

For a sardonic view – read Halalapocalypse Now.


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