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Germs – money laundering

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MONEY Filthy lucre!  Covered in bacteria.

Quote –

A MasterCard study conducted with the University of Oxford found that the average European banknote contains 26,000 bacterial colonies and UK notes were among the dirtiest – along with Denmark’s krone, Russia’s rouble and the Austrian euro.

The study comes in within a week of the old £50 banknote being withdrawn and follows  the announcement that the UK will use plastic bank notes so that they are more durable and more hygienic.

End quote

Funny, the other day Mr Furlong was given two £50 notes. He showed them to me. We haven’t seen £50 notes for years. We checked to see they weren’t the withdrawn ones, but they weren’t.

We don’t have to wash our hands after handling money much nowadays – there isn’t enough of it in our house. Everything goes into or out of our bank account without us really aware of it.

But I don’t mind the idea of plastic money – as long as it’s dishwasher proof!


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