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Fluoride toothpaste

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God knows who you believe nowadays! Mr Furlong just came back from the dentist. They said he must use fluoride toothpaste. But we don’t. But the National Health Service says we should – Fluoride on the NHS

The last time I went to the dentist, she told me my plaque control was excellent and praised me. Then she told me I must useĀ  fluoride toothpaste too. So I told her I won’t and she got really annoyed with me. She told me I must not believe conspiracy theories, I must just believe science.

I think they get a big kickback from Colgate – or whatever – for promoting their stuff.

I use the precautionary principle which is very scientific. Be cautious of science. It talks a load of codswallop sometimes. Mr Furlong is inclined to believe that dentists know what they are talking about.


Dental fluorosis



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