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Fleas – expensive visits

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We often visit our Furlong children. Our family is our main source of socialising. The Furlongs have a tightly knit, loyal relationship – as it should be in my view. And our children are all grown, with children of their own. But one of our regular haunts is the house of the one with many animals. She was exactly the same as a child. In our house – a small holding in Africa, where we had dogs, cats, Guinea pigs, rats, chickens, fish, ducks, on the edge of a swathe of virgin bush, she was the one with the most “pets”. She’s still the one with the most pets – or rather they are her children’s’ pets.

Our dog lives a cloistered life here with us. We keep him away from other dogs because he believes he is an Alsatian with absolute right to attack any other dog he passes. The Furlong dog has delusions of grandeur – he is just a standard Yorkshire Terrier! The only friend he has that he hasn’t gone for, is the dog at the House of Pets. We, ourselves are slowing down, so the three of us seldom enter any territory not gravelled or tarred.

But today, the Furlong dog needs another dose of flea protection – costs £6 plus from the vet. Our visits to The House of Pets, is becoming expensive. To my mind that’s the only place he could be getting these fleas.

the Furlong dog


Author: Elizabeth

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